Recycled military surplus has always been a permanent feature of maharishi’s mainline collection, including vintage surplus items that are recut and updated with accessory and cord systems.

These processes are carried out in India, where the clothing is smudged with herbal incense, blessed, and washed in saffron water to symbolically cleanse it of its military associations.

maharishi Spring Summer 2012 reinterprets the use of Recycled Word War II Camouflage Parachutes to create an Oversized Dune Parka, Aviator Tour Jacket, Recycled Shorts & Recycled Parachute Scarf. The parachute cords are used to weave handles for bags in the current maharishi collection.


The same WWII Parachute Fabric was used as part of an exhibition at The Riflemaker Gallery featuring the work of Hardy Blechman, available to view here.





Author: dpm

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