Born by shaking, fusing, vibrating our continents the Reshuffle-it concept and pattern describes the shake-up process and transformation our world and society is going through.

We are forced or voluntarily moving out of old habits and structures. Sometimes it is scary, maybe hurting and probably a very unsafe sensation. Reshuffle-it aims to encourage people to live their dreams and share their passions.

Reshuffle-it aims for creative collaborations with people in academia and industry by creating a framework to explore, discuss, plan, think and ultimately Do. This takes place through the three RESHUFFLE-IT phases – CAMOUFLAGE, CAMOFUSE, COURAFLAGE.


CAMOUFLAGE is based on the notion of hiding, fighting and protecting from the other. This pattern represents our world in a mode that is characterised by deception and concealment.


CAMOFUSE is born by dissolving Camouflage. CAMOFUSE means taking off our masks, unifying ourselves and harmonising nature and technology. In CAMOFUSE we feel connected.


COURAFLAGE embodies vibrations.  It is inspired by the words courage and cuore (the latin word for ‘heart’). In COURAFLAGE we are free to simply do what feels honest.


Currently Grit is exploring Reshuffle-it opportunities in academia and industry, aiming for creative collaborations that engage people playfully in our shifting world, approaching themes that range from environmental to social issues.

Author: dpm

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