Maharishi’s DPM:Bamdazzle pattern was inspired by the dazzle paint scheme used on Navy ships, primarily during WWI. It consisted of a complex pattern of geometricshapes in contrasting colours, interrupting and intersecting each other in order to confuse a german torpedo operator as to the direction that the ship was travelling, how far away it was and how fast it was moving – essential information for a direct hit.

Maharishi have created there own variant called DPM: Bamdazzle, a portmanteau referencing Dazzle and Bamboo. Our interpretation of dazzle is infused with bamboo to express a core DPM theme, that camouflage ultimately has it’s roots in nature where it was discovered by natural historians, developed by artists and only later was co-opted by the military.

The unedited full length animation can be seen here

Click here for a selection of DPM wallpapers available for both your Desktop & iPhone



3D Design & Animation
Adam Brandon

‘Red Thread’ by R.D. Torell

Hardy Blechman

Created by The Mill

Author: dpm

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