May 1st, 2013

DPM: Bonsai Python

maharishi’s long standing tradition of creating a new thematically relevant disruptive pattern each season continues this Spring Summer with DPM:Bonsai Python. Created to celebrate the Chinese lunar year of the snake the pattern takes it’s inspiration from the natural world, namely the disruptive patterns utilised by snakes and other reptiles for concealment.



Based on maharishi’s house pattern DPM:Bonsai Forest, it uses snake scales to create a disruptive pixelated version of that pattern’s heavenly clouds and bonsai tree motif’s. This speaks to the fact that as with all maharishi’s camouflage patterns DPM:Bonsai Python has been created as part of it’s ongoing mission to reclaim the symbolic value of camouflage from the military and to reinforce it’s true origins in nature and art.


Clothing and accessories utilising this pattern can be found here.

Author: dpm

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