The Autumn Winter 14 season sees the release of the much anticipated collaboration between London’s MHI and Los Angeles’ Undefeated.

A key component of this capsule collection is the “DPM: Disruptive Court” camouflage pattern developed by MHI. The pattern is based on the famous Tigerstripe camouflage originally used by South Vietnamese forces, and later adopted by the U.S. Its success in the field has led to a proliferation of variants worn by armed forces across the globe, as well as being readily absorbed by popular culture and fashion.


The MHI x UNDFTD version incorporates a gritty asphalt texture, recalling the street basketball courts and other urban surfaces critical to the Undefeated brand.

Both brands draw influence from the practice and philosophy of martial arts, including Tiger style Kung Fu, another reason for selecting a Tigerstripe pattern. This particular style is based on controlled aggression and attack rather than defence, an appropriate reference, given Undefeated’s uncompromising brand values, embodied by their slogan ‘play dirty’.



Author: dpm

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