November 12th, 2015

DPM x senz⁶


DPM and Dutch masters senz⁶ have come together for a run of three super-durable umbrellas. The products are engineered to be storm-proof in winds up to 60mph, and will never flip inside-out.


The patented aerodynamic shape lets wind glide over the surface, while a shorter front end allows for unimpaired vision. A trio of patterns cover the umbrellas, referencing maharishi’s AW15 collection and a perennial classic. DPM: MAH.SAT Europe is the dominant pattern of the AW15 collection, inspired by satellite display imagery and evasion from surveillance. DPM: Pointillist Bonsai Forest is a darker silhouette of classic Bonsai Forest, featuring reflective printed glass bead infused ink. DPM: Bonsai Forest is the house camouflage in a classic woodland palette.


A compact version features a convenient automatic open and close button, while the full-sized canopy choice includes a very-necessary sheath and shoulder-carry strap.


Author: dpm

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