The ‘Year of the Cowboy’ capsule in collaboration with Travis Scott, draws inspiration from from Travis Scott’s studio album Rodeo and his Texas roots. As part of an exclusive release with END Clothing, the capsule is being offered in an all-over camouflage print.

The embroidered jacket, trousers and cap now feature DPM: British Bonsai Forest in a Papal Woodland colourway. The purple in this woodland colour way replaces the traditional black and is inspired by the purple used in the gowns of Catholic robes, including the many Chaplains within the military.

A strange mix of war and religion, although soldiers do indeed need their religious and moral guidance, especially when trying to navigate the best known commandment: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

The US Army have offered one solution to this and in recent editions of the Bible distributed to the US Army, they have corrected what they propose was an error in translation. The commandment now reads: Thou Shalt Not Murder.

Photos by END Clothing.


Author: dpm

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