December 12th, 2021

DPM: Monster Tiger · AW21

In the Maha Tailor Shop series, DPM faithfully reproduce the extremely rare camouflage, DPM: Monster Tiger, historically only found in the Tailor Shops of 1960s Vietnam that provided visiting U.S. soldiers with uniforms and modifications.

Available in original Jungle and a fantasy Night colourway, DPM: Monster Tiger is featured across hand-machine embroidered shirts, multi-pocket cargo pants that draw inspiration from an early French Paratrooper trouser, as well as on organic cotton and hemp sweat and jersey staples.

The French fought the Vietnamese from 1858, until they eventually took control of Vietnam in 1885. They retained power until they were eventually over thrown in 1954. As a result of this long term occupation, many of the Vietnamese camouflage patterns and uniform styling were heavily inspired by the French.

Author: dpm

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