DPM: ARVN / Purples
May 7th, 2021

DPM: ARVN / Purples

Produced within a series for the Maha Tailor Shop, DPM: ARVN – also known as ‘Purples’, ‘Bulletproofs’ or ‘Bloodcake’ – is a rare camouflage originally worn by paratroopers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam in 1968, and then adopted by some of the U.S. Special Forces whilst they acted as advisors to the ARVN. U.S. uniforms were re-made in the […]

Olek transforms the world with crochet DPM

Only compulsion could inspire these artists to employ the countless connections, cuts, and knots necessary to create their works.

DPM: Bamdazzle x Casio G-Shock GA-110 watch

Wilkinson’s WWI Dazzle concept is merged with bamboo culm’s, in keeping with DPM’s aim to detach camouflage from it’s military associations and promote its natural roots and artistic influence.

Dazzle pages: extract from DPM encyclopedia

During WWI, Germany implemented a policy of unrestricted U-boat (submarine) warfare that not only caused massive loss of life and equipment but also threatened the supply of food to England.

DPM: Desert Hex 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material AW/11

maharishi’s Autumn Winter 2011 collection, entitled “Into The Light: Survival 2012”, introduces DPM: Desert Hex in 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material into the collection.

maharishi DPM: Bonsai Forest All Terrain Cropped TDU Blazer

maharishi has released a cropped TDU blazer as part of their autumn winter 2011 collection. Featuring the signature DPM: Bonsai All Terrain camouflage in a night colourway.

DPM: The Complex Guide To Camo by Hardy Blechman

The Complex magazine guide to Camo by maharishi’s Hardy Blechman features 25 camouflage patterns every man should know. Featuring maharishi’s DPM: Bonsai All Terrain and the ever popular DPM: Tigerstripe. Click here to view the full story.

DPM for Acclaim magazine
January 5th, 2011

DPM for Acclaim magazine

The new issue of Acclaim magazine features a DPM designed cover and an interview with Hardy Blechman, exploring camouflage in contemporary design and culture.

maharishi x london undercover DPM: Bamdazzle umbrellas

London Undercover has teamed up with DPM to produce two striking umbrellas. The pattern on the fabric has been inspired by the dazzle paint scheme used on Navy ships during World War 1

DPM:maharishi iPhone4 case release

Patterns in the DPM Series include Bamdazzle (a version of WW1 ship inspired dazzle with bamboo, as a wink to camouflage’s origins in nature); Bonsai Forest in Woodland and Black variants and Tibetan Tigerstripe Gold.